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sugarcatmom - Thank you for those links! I'll watch the videos tonight - I read through the wording on the page but didn't have a chance to watch the actual videos yet.

I did take your advice and pulverize some of their dry food and sprinkle that on top of their wet food - they seemed to eat a little bit more. I did that last night and got both of them to eat a bit more - probably about 1 oz each.

The issue is I don't think they ever ate "enough". They've never been big eaters - before we started this transition to all canned food, they were eating probably 1-1.5 oz of wet food per day and 1/4 cup dry food per day.

A big challenge right now is timing - if I don't coerce Daisy to eat some wet food at night right before bed, she will be up ALL NIGHT waking me up begging for food (dry food). And she's not nice about it, either. She pokes me in the face, pulls the covers off of me, chews on my water bottle cap, scratches her nails on the wall, chews on the corner of a photo frame on the wall next to my bed, knocks things off the nightstands, and even stands on top of me and smacks me with her paw. She's relentless. But last night I coerced her into eating some wet with crunchie dust right before bed and she only woke me up once (I just grabbed her and rolled over so she'd lay down) and then again around 5:30/6am, and at that point it's DH's turn to get up and give her breakfast (canned food). She's so bratty. Fitzy just makes a sad face when I deny him dry food, gives up, and gets into bed.
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