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Well, there is another side of gardening in the summer down under, apart from pretty flowers. First another visit from this young fellow, I relocated him back to a garden bed that he'd left after I watered it. Later hubby tells me the cat, Ginger, has caught a young goanna. Apparently he presented himself at the gazebo to show off his prize, calling out to hubby to make sure he noticed. Then he took it off under the house. OK as long as he ate it, otherwise it'll really smell. Finally, the hat trick of 3, I asked hubby to get me a bird net out of the shed, to cover an apple tree, and this is what he found. A brown snake had got tangled in that black net and strangled itself. People actually lay pieces of that black net on the ground where they have seen snakes, once they get their head through it sadly they can't get out. I must find a box or trunk to store ours in, it's not a nice death for a snake.
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