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Thanks for all the info!! That's the most I've ever seen that is easy to understand on this problem!! I've got them eating Performatrin..the top of the their line canned food. Around here it's hard to find the large cans and with 4 of them eating it, this is easier. They still go through a large can a day but this way I've cut waaaay back on the crunchies so everyone is getting enough to eat with just the wet food. Coco isn't asking for a drink from the tap nearly as much now so that makes me happy. Nino doesn't seem to be having any problems and he likes the food.

One other thing I notice that's added to the S/O is powdered cellulose! I wondered why when I added water to it, it seemed like there was twice as much, so I guess it is the cellulose expanding!

My guys aren't big on chunky foods either, so I just mash the bits with a fork! Not that they don't have teeth of course!! The one I have now is a very fine chunky type with gravy and that's ok!! They're just a bit spoiled!!
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