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Okay new complication - they're not eating enough. Fitzy weighs about 9 lbs, Daisy weighs 9.5ish lbs, and today they've eaten about 3.5 oz of wet food between the two of them (1 and a half 3oz cans). I know that's not enough food. They're still begging me for dry food - Daisy kept me up most of the night begging for it. I'm not giving in, because I'd already weaned them to 1 Tbsp each per day, so I had to take it away altogether.

But since they were eating so little dry food before - I'd say maybe a quarter cup or less each of dry food per day - and the same or less wet food - maybe it's not any less food?

I'd been told it was one 5.5oz can of food per cat per day - we're nowhere near that. When I sprinkle some boiled turkey breast on top they just lick the turkey off. And I don't want to get them used to having "treats" on top of their breakfast and dinner - I want them to just magically eat it!

I'm going explore the site tomorrow and see if there's good advice for switching kitties to a new food or switching to all wet.

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