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People Scared and Separation

My now one year old dog has a couple of problems and I need some help with them. When my dog is at home in it's own territory it's scared of people, she is a little scared when we go to other peoples house but not as much. If someone she has been around tons of times will come over (the day before going to their house and she wouldn't stop following them) she will shy away from them, hiding and purposely go around them. Is there anything I can do or just let her be?

Second problem is when I go to leave and place her in her area, she begins to bark and whine. When we leave she will not eat or play or anything, nothing moves she gets so worked up. If we just stand outside the house she will whine really loud and just freak out. Please help, I would really love to come back home with a dog that isn't trying to rip the grate off to get at me.
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