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Will My Adult Dog Attack My Puppy?

Hi! First post So, I have a little issue on my mind ever since I brought my puppy home 2 days ago. She is a teensy Pomeranian, who is very happy and jumps and chews (naughty thing lol). She is eager to run around, yet my older female dog worries me. We introduced them on neutral ground and were very positive. Lucy, the older, wagged her tail and whined, trying to get to the puppy. We let her sniff and find out what this fluff bundle even was. We then took Zorra, the puppy, to our house with Lucy.
So far Lucy has been watching Zorra avidly, and when we let both meet each other on the ground (cautiously), Lucy stares down, wagging and with complete concentration on her face. When the puppy moves, she follows it, staring, and I'm afraid that if the puppy runs she might chase it and snap out of reflex. She is, after all, half terrier. My concern is that Lucy might forget herself and hurt the tiny puppy out of prey drive. Is this feasible? Lucy never growls or has her fur standing on end; technically she shows no aggression, but her fixation worries me. I'm afraid she might hurt Zorra. I just don't know how to read her body language. Is my fear sensible?
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