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I suppose to be honest she barks at other dogs no matter the size except she has been in closr contact with 2 little puppies that she actually tried to play with. It's a shame she's like this cas we would love to adopt another dog. When she barks if they come to close to her she runs at them & tries to attack. We were told by 2 different dog trainers that its mainly out of fear & maybe protection of us also. But when she does it, he back legs shake like she nervous. Its a shame cas she's really playful & she is such a good girl really, we love her to bits.
we looked in local shelters but no puppies in any of them but that was a couple of months ago so we should take another look. Burlington dont seem to have any dogs in the one on Griffith rd only cats. we will just keep looking though.
Thanks for all the advice guys. I will work on getting a photo on.
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