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Originally Posted by Stacii View Post
My one year old labradoodle had the lepto shot and had a bad reaction to it this was 6 weeks ago and now he has lost 10 pounds and is not wanting to eat or play I took him to the vet and we are waiting on blood work to see what's going on with him but I think it has to do with the shot he had did this happen to anyone?
This is quite an old thread and you might get better results if you start your own. I have not had a reaction because I don't give Lepto. If you google you will find that lepto vaccine can have bad reactions and some, like me and my Vet, do feel the risk of reaction to the shot outweighs the possible benefit of the shot. The risk of your dog contracting Lepto varies by region and by what you do with your dog. Since this thread is old you may find more up to date information by googling the vaccine. But hopefully others will have more up to date info. too. i hope he's better soon.
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