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Furry baby not feeling well...

I'm just not sure about this....

this morning she only ate about a third of her breakfast and then walked away. She's normally extremely food driven. I decided to just leave it be, maybe she got too spoiled for christmas. We come back from the park and I coaxed her into the last of her food. 1 hr later she regurgitated it. No digested food. No heaving. Another hour passes and she vomits an GIGANTIC SOMETHING. She hasn't vomited since, but she will not eat anything that has water/moisture in it. She will and eagerly begs for and happily eats fruit loops, oatmeal, seaweed, and cheetos (of course I didn't feed her a whole bowl of cheetos, but curious if she would eat at all since she was disinterested in her own food). She vomited the giant something this morning and its just about bedtime and she still will not eat her regular food.

basically, she'll eat treats but not her own regular food. She's avoiding water. But behaviour wise, nothing terribly out of the norm. she's obviously not feeling well, but she is still willing to play with the ball and other toys.

I've called the vet and they said to wait 24hr from the first vomit (not the regurgitation) before coming in. But in the mean time i thought I'd see if any of you have any opinions.

Thanks in advance!
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