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I have a request

Can some of you on this forum that have high education put your heads together and come up with an invention so our dogs can tell us whats wrong.

Yesterday day we woke up fed the dogs did our christmas with the kids. Then jag started acting funny.his stomach was hard not swollen wouldnt poop didnt want food and he's a food hound. thought it could be gas or constipated.would lay down just sat on the couch with his head on the back of it.

So i went and got some gas x and some plain yogurt.passed a bit of today he was the same.gave more gas x and he pooped and puked.still wasnt right. stomach still not bloat out but fear it could happen or starting to. so off to ER vet and xrays were fine he did have some gas but no bloat.

Vet can see he is in pain but doesnt know what is causing it.without doing blood work and a MRI which is $ she gave him some food as i hadnt feed him incase it was bloat or bad constipation. a pain shot and sent home some pain meds that will sedate him.

No playing or long walks just try to keep him resting.i wish my baby could tell me whats wrong.
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