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DD, did you see where it's to be her Australian Valleys litter? Well, no valleys in my immediate vicinity, it's flat here, so I was telling a friend this and SHE named him for me. Yay! She knows the dogs, (and breeders) of 3/4 of his pedigree and they come from in or near the Jamberoo Valley in New South Wales. So registered name hopefully Heelersridge Jamberoo, "Roo" for short. My friend checked a book she has on the subject and Jamberoo is an aboriginal name meaning 'track'. Take that whichever way you want but coincidentally the pup's mum has her TD title, Tracking Dog, as well as being a CH.. Funnily enough Jarrah has a valley name in her pedigree also, Jayelpar Swan Valley Red. The beautiful Jarrah trees grow in that valley in Western Australia, hence her nickname. We like to keep to an Aussie theme with this breed where we can. DD, are you looking forward to house training them? LOL. I'm not.
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