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Puppy breath on its way, hopefully.

I decided to give Jarrah a nice Xmas present, a cattle dog boy, red of course, for her to hoon around with and educate in the ways of dragon slaying , aka mouthing blue tongue lizards to death. Here is a link to the pup(s), the one I am interested in is on right of photo.

I have paid a deposit but he has to be either clear of PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) or at worst a carrier, and get a good BAER result(hearing). I'm paying for the PLL test because I think it could lead to more painful blindness than even PRA. As I get older the less I want to watch a much loved dog suffer through some of the ghastly things dogs get. Jarrah is clear for PLL, but a carrier of PRA. He is clear of PRA and hopefully also of PLL. The breeder has sent lots of videos and photo's and I like the look of his mother, so fingers crossed that his results are fine. It's a long time since we have a puppy here, 9 years, so this will be fun. Of course if either didn't score well for hips or elbows it'd be desexed. He is 5 weeks old, how old are yours, DD?

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