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Hi Koteburo!
Debridat isn't available in North America which is probably why the Vet Drugs Handbook I have doesn't list it.

Maybe you already know all this, but here is some of the info I found online - pieces from different sources, put into quote form to focus:
The maleic acid salt of trimebutine is marketed under the trademark of Debridat....

Trimebutine belongs to the class of medications called spasmolytics. It is used to treat irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon). This condition is caused by overactive movements of the bowels. Trimebutine works by slowing down or normalizing the abnormal movements of the bowel.

One research study: "Action of trimebutine in cat and rabbit colon: evidence of an opioid-like effect" [my comment: might explain why it may be particularly effective in cats]
You know, if I were in your position, I think I would put the question to the folks who are in the specialized online Yahoo groups for IBD - there are a number of them....if anyone is going to know, it would have to be them.

Here are the ones I have bookmarked: (a very busy group)

Hope some of this will help!

Where on earth are you, anyway??
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