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Adding a new dog to the mix - how to integrate?

Hey everyone. I know nothing about dog training so I'm hoping you can help. We have a perfect mutty beaglish 25 pound dog named Kasee (since she's perfect, we never really had to train hee). :-)

For the next few days we are dog-sitting my son's dogs - a 2 year old 50 pound brown lab named Dexter and a something named Jackie. We brought Kasee with us and are hoping we can make it work. I might be too anxious about it though.

Dexter has a history of barking at other dogs though he's fine with Jackie. Well, we used Doritos as a treat (we forgot real treats) and we got the barking under control. The problem is that Dexter snaps at Kasee. Now he may just be trying to play - that's how he and Jackie play (they're both very mouthy) but I'm very nervous about letting them get too close. Kasee doesn't seem afraid but I am. :-)

Sleeping is also a problem. I have Dexter and Jackie with me and my friend has Kasee in the other room. Dexter whined for over an hour. He calmed down briefly but now he's whining again.

What do you more experienced folks think? Is this a process that will take weeks? Any suggestions about how to acclimate them? What about suggestions for the worried mommy?

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