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Originally Posted by modernalien View Post
I have 4 cats, all spayed, except for the youngest, a 4 month old boy. One of my cats, Checkers, won't stop howling/screaming at two of the others. For some reason she's fine with our oldest cat. Nothing that's routine has been changed recently, all the cats were getting along fine until Saturday. Now, whenever she locks eyes with the other two, she starts freaking out and screaming/growling/howling/groaning at them. The vet said that she wasn't in any pain and has no reason to be doing this, other than she might be a little stressed. We tried giving her Rescue Remedy, a natural stress reliever, but it doesn't help. So far, our only solution is to keep Checkers and our other two cats separate. I've kept her in my room overnight and throughout the day. I'm really frustrated, worried, and stressed, and I really need a solution to this. Please, can anyone tell me what might be wrong and what I could do about it?
Are all your other female cats? If they're maybe your male it ready to mate and your other cats are acting out. Are you going to get your male cat
neutered, that might help with all the screaming.
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