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I took Max to the vets today and we decided together to take my Maxi boy to the rainbow bridge. I had taken him to see if there was more we could do if we could change his meds, anything. He looked at my Baby boy and said his muscle tone had got worse, that Max was already taking the strongest pain meds and that we would could sedate him for the pain but it would mean keeping him at the vets. Max never liked being away from home he had the typical Weimaraner separation anxiety. And so although Max's mind and personality where as alive as ever, the vet said he was in a lot of pain and it was time. I held him as he crossed over, I just wish i had more time. I feel like I have failed him and I hope he forgives me. I alternate between bouts of sobbing and numbness. The fact that Max is free of pain is a comfort but i wish oh how i wish I could hold him one more time
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