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Rimadyl and a Previcox not helping my 11 year old WeImaraner

Hello all

About a month ago Max was admitted to the vets hospital for an abscess under his back muscle. He was there for a week. He had previously been losing muscle tone before this and this as well as his enforced rest made him lose even more muscle mass.

The vet sent him home with Rimadyl 100mg and instructed that he be given a dose of between 1 and a quarter to one and a half tablets. This helped for a while and suddenly he began getting spastic and stiff in his back legs and knuckling over especially when he tried to urinate and have a bowel movement.

A few days later Max got worse. I took him to a different vet who said Max was running a low grade fever and that it was probably because the infection from the last time had been lying dormant. Max stayed at the vets for two nights. He was sent home with previcox 227 mg as well as tramahexin (tramadol) for pain and amoxyllin 500mg for the low grade fever

Its been three days...and Max walks okay once in a while but spend most of his day sleeping. He wakes up on his own sometimes , sometimes he needs help. He falls everytime he "goes to the bathroom" He is eating and drinking normally

I love my baby boy and it hurts to think that it is time to let go. I just want him to have quality of life but i will do the needful if i cant help him anymore

Please please let me know if there is anything more I can do. His eyes dont say its time and his spirit is still strong.

Thank you and God bless
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