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Lump on friend's dog's lip - should they be concerned?

Hi all,

I have a friend that's concerned about a lump on their Dog's lip.
He's 3 years, 4 months old, his Mom was a Artic Wolf & Lab mix and Dad was a Shihtzu & Terrier mix.

They took him to the Vets the other day (paid $200 for the privilege!) and all they really got told was that it *might* be cancer or histiocytoma.
They can surgically remove it and send it away for analysis to determine if it's cancerous etc. which would cost another $800!

Having looked in to this a bit, from what I've seen, it is not like any cancer/histiocytoma pictures I have found anywhere else.

Here's a picture of what it looks like:

The lump has not grown any bigger, is hard, smooth and has not bled.

I was wondering if anyone had ever seen anything like this before, or had an idea if it was likely to be cancer/histiocytoma?

Any help is very much appreciated (especially as it could potentially save my friend $800!).

Thank you very much!
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