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Runts with food issues

Hello everyone, first time posters here, and apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but we have two nine month old kittens. Archie was the runt of his litter but has now grown into a very boisterous and healthy boy. The problem being, he is obsessed with food. He is fed every day the same vet-approved amount of food (same as his sister) but he seems to be compulsively searching for food. Strange behaviour includes licking anything slightly resembling or smelling of food. Even if he's just been fed he runs back into the kitchen if anyone walks into it where we keep the food. No bin, left out food or washing up is safe from him! We are thinking this might be to do with the fact that he was a runt and did not get enough food when he was a baby. Any way we can change his attitudes? He constantly tries to steal food from his sister and is making her anxious, so we now feed them separately, although he kicks up a fuss if she is still eating and he can't get to hers.
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