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Hmmm.....not an easy thing to do! Having had cats for a long time now, the best thing to do is manage them. If I have to have my doors open, I put them all in a room or two rooms, I have 4 cats, close the doors and when it's all clear I let them out. My guys are pretty good, as in they all know their names, 99% of the time will come when called but still better safe than sorry. I'm lucky right now because the house I'm in has inside doors so even when I'm bringing groceries in, I don't worry as we have a porch and in inside door, I've had my fair share of escapees and it's not fun, when they want out, they're super fast. Then of course, when they realize they're outside, they panic and hide. My newest addition was a stray but she has no interest really in the great outdoors anymore not to say though that an open door wouldn't tempt her outside!! So that's my suggestion, stick them in a bedroom, bring groceries in, let them out, everybody safe, nobody stressed!!
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