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Crapola, that's too bad. But, the spondylosis is not in her spine? I didn't know it could be in places other than the spine. Though in hindsight I guess that's maybe why my Vet said my girl's was specifically spinal spondylosis. My Vet showed me the X-rays and how the bony growths were affecting my girl's back.

We could have opted for surgery for the IVDD and or the SSp but at age 12.5 that was not desirable. What we did was take down the inflammation and then she was on strong pain meds the rest of her life. We reduced exercise but kept it up. And I kept her away from other dogs, fearing one wrong bump would start problems up over again.

My girl became fecal incontinent. We don't know if there was neurological damage from the spine problems or if it was due to the pain meds masking her sensitivity to an oncoming poop as much as to pain. Maybe a bit of both. Just saying, so you can watch out. Fecal incontinence is not too hard to handle, just pick em and put them outside. Urinary incontinence is much harder to deal with.
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