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Like Cat & Dog

Depending on how long they've been adjusting to each other (if less than a month or two) it is TOTALLY FINE.

You did make a few mistakes but they still can be corrected:

First of all, a kitten's breed. Some cats are more social with other species than others (won't go into specifics here at this point...)

The age of both is very important (best socialization/exposure period is between 7 and 12 weeks for dogs and even earlier for cats).

The gradual exposure to each other - one has to go MUCH MORE gradually, especially with the cat.

But generally speaking, - no despair - a kitten WILL ADJUST eventually, especially because yours is not afraid of people (some kittens just have this genetic predisposition (because of bad breeding) to be fearful and not social).

Make sure, however that:
- kitten's nails are cut short (just off the quick - and if you don't know how, ask your vet or groomer to show you! not to scare the kitty) at least once a week;
- the kitten has a lot of vertical spaces to run away to and hide and NEVER feels "with his back to the wall";
- rub a cloth over a dog at least once a day and then rub on the kitten. The SMELL is extremely important for cats! Same smell = same family.
- GRADUALLY feed them closer to each other, slowly moving the dishes inches every day;
- EVERY TIME the dog is around, play and give treats to the kitty! He needs to feel that being around the dog is great. Don't play or give treats at other times'
- dogs are much more rumbanctious, so they scare gracefully moving cats. Try to keep the dog down around the cat for a while. Let cat do the investigations.

These are the most important ones. I breed both and they all live together and LOVE each other. Both my dog and my HUGE male cat were 3 years old when they first met. Usually, it is close to impossible for the cats, but these two are just the best friends and sleep together in one bed with me;-)

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