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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
That's a superb site...a little further exploration using that info:

When any issues discovered through bloodwork are effectively treated and under control, there are two others worth exploring when a cat is still inappetent:

A) Stomach acid is very common...some ideas: Of those, the two most common and simple treatments are 1)raising the food dishes and 2) Pepcid-AC

B) The second is to use an appetite stimulant:

That same site also has a list of potential causes for "Loss of Appetite" - it might help as a "checklist" for you: (halfway down the page)

One of these days, this cat has to start to eat something on his own

I have to tell you how heartening it is to read your story of nursing this little guy....what a very lucky kitty! Kudos to you
the more i learn about (some) people, the more i luv my cats
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