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The bed won't be an issue, we (sadly) have a no dogs on the bed rule. In fact no dogs on the furniture. They get their own beds mind you, on the floor, but nice and soft. DH has never been one for dogs on the bed. Dang! Since I think we are the only people on the planet who have a double bed still, there isn't room for a dog even now with just Halo.

The car (SUV) is a pipe dream right now. It really isn't our plan that these dogs would travel everywhere with us on a regular basis. Shadow and Halo went everywhere we did and did fine in the Corrolla, but that was of necessity. The plan is the Mals could hang out in the doggy kennel run in the back (it's very big and well sheltered and fenced). I really am over the whole "taking the dogs everywhere we go" thing. Of course outings and vet trips would be a different thing, but I can't really see taking all 3 to the vet at once $$$ wise anyhow.

Now DH is having qualms about getting two and just may want the male, if there is one. My friend said with two same age pups we would have to be very careful to work one on one with them so they bond with us and not just with each other. Which is a fair statement. Now he's worried about getting two together. Oy! Just when I finally get myself wrapped around it, he's scared now. I actually think two at once is okay because you only have to go through puppyhood once. Yes it's twice as bad, but only half as long as if you did it twice!!
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