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Panting in the evening

The other thing I keep wanting to mention about Timber is her panting. This isn't really anything new but I now wonder if it has something to do with the nasal tumor. She pants a lot starting in the evening. I always thought she was just warm, being a husky because she doesn't seem to pant if she goes outside where it is cooler. She basically has bouts of panting throughout the evening and into the night sometimes. I wonder if her tumor prevents her from breathing properly through her nose and so when she is trying to rest she suddenly sits up and pants for awhile to get extra air through her mouth

I don't know, but it worries me. I don't want her to be in pain and not recognize that happening. It seems to help if I make it cooler in the house in the evening and the rest of us just bundle up in extra clothes and blankets. But some nights it can be worse than others so wonder if it really has anything to do with temperature.
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