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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
The snap test checks for antibodies--so if the dog has recently had one of the diseases tested for, has kicked it, but the antibodies are still high, the dog can still test positive with the snap test. When we have a case like that, they'll typically run a CBC to make sure all the affected components (platelets, WBC, RBC, etc) are square in the normal range. If things are still askew, we'll treat longer with antibiotics and retest at the end of them. Sometimes we'll treat another 2 weeks if things are all in the normal range but at the low end (platelets, WBC, RBC) or high end (WBC) of normal, even if the snap test is negative. We'll also run a CBC a few weeks out from the end of the antibiotics, just to make sure nothing is flaring up.

Tick diseases are tricky little blighters.

that Mel's snap test is negative and all her bloodwork looks normal!!
3 weeks ago, during her last snap test, her bloodwork looked great! Platelets, RBC, WBC, but her SNAP was still positive!! Do it all over again in a few hrs. Thanks
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