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He has a funny way of showing it. I cannot keep Simba, at least in my room at night and during the day. Getting sick daily, more and more on my bed instead on the floor when gone. Starting with last weekend, pissed on my bed while sleeping. First time, I can understand, Kidney equal pisses a lot and used up the litter pretty quickly overnight. Tonight? No excuse. All my sheets and blankets are disgusting, one my pillows smells lik
e piss, mattress taking a beating and will have to condemn it if this continues. The litter smell and litter dirt throughout my room, feeling of the floor always dirty despite washing and sweeping. Then the repeatably waking me up throughout the night, usually for food, leading to no consistent sleep since I crashed at a friend's place after a party two weeks ago. My quality of life is negatively impacted. On top of working fulltime again and not home until late evening, Simba is coop in the bedroom all day unless one of the roommates let him out, which they do not always as he is prone to go through the garbage and kitchen counters looking for food, or knocking things over for attention. Will call that pet rescue group roommate referred me to and who did not respond to my email. If they do not take Simba or anyone else, hard decision unfortunately colored by annoyance and frustration, have to let him go. Afterwards, feel like **** for failing to have enough patience, tolerance, and right home for him.
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