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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Oh, that's awesome that his teeth weren't as bad as first thought! Ridge has a terrible bite that's resulted in some of those ground down teeth, too. Our vet wasn't too concerned about them, either.

I'll second that wish for an easy resolution to your toothache, DD!
Thanks Hazel!!

Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
DD, be brave and strong, nothing the dentist can do will last as long as the fortnight long toothache you've already suffered. OUCH!, I am cringing at the thought of that.
Robyn, what can I say but HOORAY!!! You have had so much expense with Nookie and while I know you consider it worthwhile, heck, if anyone deserved a break, you two do. What a genuinely good man that dentist is. Interesting about the red dogs , my last red male cattle dog didn't have good teeth.
GF, thanks!!! And I'm SO glad we got this break... now I can buy some much needed winter tires LOL

And I'm not surprised in seeing this after my conversation with Dr. Karen. She completed studies and actually wrote a paper on the "red" genes. She really went in to some detail at our last visit and I immediately thought of you! She had a couple of clients with cattle dogs and treated several over the years. She said that every one of them she had treated had seizures! And all had bad teeth as well. She said that gene causes many issues, and is worse in the breeds where the red isn't a "normal" color such as cattle dogs, huskies and malamutes. I've always loved the reds, but I think I would avoid them after our conversation lol.

Originally Posted by angeldogs View Post
Thats the kind of checkup you want when your expecting something bad.makes you want to smile.
It sure does!!!
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