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Woowww back up a little here would you, I was merely apologising.

Now I had written a long explanation for my post back to you, however I feel that it would be both useless, and as you put it distracting away from the initial thread.
I would have normally given you an explanation to my post for which you are not understanding, however this is the second time you have come down on me for expressing my freedom of speech which as you will know being an advocate of this, is part of my human rights. and thankfully I live in a society where I am free to express myself.
However I feel that you are a little over sensitive and what ever I write in the explanation im sure you will have a come back for, I do not believe that there is any way to please you so im not going to try.
I apologised if you found the thread insulting and explained how I had interpreted the words. If you cannot accept my apology and except that I have the freedom of speech on here as well as you do. then I suggest that you do not read my threads anymore.

However as you said yourself - This is distracting away from the fact that there is a website allowing "people" to give away pets to whomever they please. Please do not distract away from that because you disagree with my opinions and the way I express them.

Once again I apologise and will not use the word again if you find it offensive.
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