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Assurity saved my cat from suffering. Don't advise someone NEVER to use a product.

I also registered solely because of this thread because Assurity saved my cat Ziva from a life of misery and hairlessness and I hate to see the product not be given its due for the good it has done.

My mixed-breed long-hair cat was a rescue kitten and came to me at weaning. She was a frail little thing and bringing her through respiratory infection at 10 weeks was a triumph. Getting rid of fleas was not a problem and she grew and flourished until she was about six-months old when she started scratching and biting her hair out. After many trials over months and months of working with our vet -- and poor miserable Ziva with a hairless bottom, neck tail, ears, and other hairless patches Assurity was the only product that killed the biting lice that were plaguing her. She had a terrible allergy to the biting lice and Assurity saved her and I'm thankful for the product. We, of course, have to use the product on her companion, Compo, to keep him free of fleas and biting lice and he has never shown any negative reaction to the product. (With his lush thick coat we would have never known the other products were not effective against biting lice as he was completely healthy, had a beautiful thick coat of fur, and thus was apparently was not allergic to the same biting lice that were ruining Ziva's life, and slides showed he had just as many of the blood sucking critters as she did.)

I feel bad for people whose beloved pets have had such horrendous reactions to this product! The stories are heartbreaking and I don't want to see a kitty suffer like these stories have shown has happened -- but think about those of us whose pets need this product. Veterinarians and pet owners should act more responsibly in dosing their pets. They should check for a reaction before pouring a whole dose of anything on a cat. But the product should not be faulted for poor veterinary practice. It is a great product in the right situation. What if humans banned penicillin because some humans had allergic reactions to it? This isn't the right attitude to take!

I am an RN and I know that one person should never tell another person what medications they should or should not take. These decisions should be carefully considered with the advice of your doctor. In the same way I think we as pet owners should not tell other pet owners to NEVER use a product. Yes, we should share our negative experiences so others are aware that there may be a problem but the ultimate decision of whether a product might be the one to save a pet from long-term suffering should be an informed decision made between the pet owner and their veterinarian.

Ziva and Compo will be three in March. This is Ziva's first Christmas with a full coat of hair. After she was cured of biting lice it took a long time for the mostly Angora cat to come into he full coat. Both my husband and my son have brought to my attention just this week how thick and beautiful Ziva's coat is looking and feeling. And Compo is handsome as always. Both get their monthly dose of Assurity (there is never matting or residue, even in the long-haired cat, as we carefully part the hair and apply the product to the skin) because we want them to stay beautiful and healthy for many years to come.

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