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Originally Posted by mastifflover View Post
Very handsome boys, Montana is quite the looker in red. Robyn it goes without saying if it involves the monster it is expensive. He is such a lucky boy to have the both of you.
LoL yes, it goes without saying... but we love our sweet monster, and thank you

Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
The monster, I like that. LOL. Well, I wish you luck with Nookie's teeth, I hate to imagine what a specialist might charge for all that work. Although, I did once have a base narrow canine shifted into place with a special plate and the help of a canine dentist and looking back on that, it was money well spent and not that expensive. Sounds as if your boy is a real power chewer. Glad to hear he is doing a bit better now. Keep us posted on what he has to have done please.
GF, he does love to chew, but they think his issues are caused by something they call Jing Syndrome in Chinese medicine or Runt Syndrome in Western medicine (though he's no runt!! lol). Dr. Karen Marsden was explaining it to me last week. She said that they often refer to that in dogs that have the issues Nookie does, and also a lot of "red" dogs due to the recessed genes, and they almost always have bad teeth. I'm sure a lot of his is, at least in part, due to the high doses of long term pred that he was on. Either way, it has to be done. I hate to think of him hurting or suffering at all. I've had toothaches and they're horrid. We *think* he may have to have at least one root canal which will start at $1600 depending on what they have to do, then the cracked tooth will probably be an extraction and they do offer crowns. So for the teeth that are ground down, that may be an option. We'll know more tomorrow evening
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