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Originally Posted by Pommie Mommie View Post

I disagree with much of this. If I look at my dog food, it contains Avocado, Apples, Rice, Blueberries... All of which are listed as being "unsafe" for my dogs. Then to add that raw meats are dangerous because of parasites?

C'mon... Do you think that all of this existed 40 years ago? No. Dogs ate table scraps and countless other things. What do dogs in the wild eat... That's right, whatever they can find.

Here's what my vet told me... Peanuts (raw, unsalted), peanut butter, cooked eggs, avocado, mango, blueberries, rice, yogurt, oatmeal are ALL acceptable foods for dogs. And raw meat is good for them. Obviously if you purchased the food for yourself, you shouldn't worry about feeding them the trimmings.

If all of this were true on that website... why then is there a food called Avoderm - made from Avocados? Blue Buffalo uses many of these same ingredients (blueberries, apples, rice). Moderation is key to everything.

Avoid tomatoes, onions, most all nuts (except peanuts), grapes/raisins, cocoa/chocolate, peppers or any spices like nutmeg, cloves, etc.



Pommie Mommie, you have responded to a 7 yr old thread. Information has changed much since this thread was initiated. Some of the information is outdated, and some is still good. The best thing for anyone to do is check with their vet. And please, be careful when you say that raw meat is good for them. This is your opinion, and in fact, not good for a lot of dogs. I won't argue or debate the point, and for every article or study you can "google" showing the benefits, I can do the same, but on the opposite side. I know a lot of dogs thrive on it. But I also know some who had nothing but trouble. And when it comes to my boy, if I were to just listen to what people say, I could put him in harms way. Fortunately, I think for myself, talk to my vet and do my own research. I don't just "follow the masses" and go with what's popular. Yes, dogs CAN and do get parasites from raw meat, even "table grade". If they have a compromised immune system, which many dogs seem to these days thanks to indiscriminate breeding, raw can do more than just cause the normal parasites, it can also cause harmful and deadly infections such as Neospora. Again, if you have a knowledgeable vet, that's the best place to start.

Dogs in the wild do eat whatever they can. But those dogs don't have the same digestion/medical issues that a lot of domestic dogs today do. They have been bred, inbred and overbred. Thanks to backyard breeders and puppy mills, a large portion of our dogs are bred with congenital and genetic issues/diseases. You can't even compare them to wild dogs.

And as far as avocados go, it depends on the dog. Some dogs will have severe gastro-intestinal issues from avocados. There also hasn't been enough studies done to really know which part of the plant is toxic. Some say it's the leaves, stems and skin whereas others say it's only the pit, and others say it's the entire fruit. Who knows for sure. Yes, there are companies who put it in dog food, but does that mean it's safe? Nope... not at all. I know of a lot of dog food companies who also put onion in the food and say it's a small enough amount that it won't hurt the dog. Onion has a cumulative effect, so over time, even a very small amount can add up to enough toxicity to bring on IMHA in some dogs. So just because it's put in a dog food, doesn't mean it's safe. There are no regulating bodies when it comes to that, so it's buyer beware. And it's the same as grapes/raisins. Not all dogs will get kidney failure. Some dogs have to eat a very large quantity to be affected whereas other dogs only need a very small portion, and then you have the ones who are not affected at all. They don't know specifically what's in the grape that's toxic, or why some dogs aren't at all affected while it turns deadly in smaller amounts for others. My philosophy is simple... if there's a risk, why take it? There are so many other options for food and treats. If there's even a tiny chance it could harm my babies, they aren't going to get it.
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