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Originally Posted by mafiaprincess View Post
I like this list.. It gives reasons why not to feed certain foods.

I disagree with much of this. If I look at my dog food, it contains Avocado, Apples, Rice, Blueberries... All of which are listed as being "unsafe" for my dogs. Then to add that raw meats are dangerous because of parasites?

C'mon... Do you think that all of this existed 40 years ago? No. Dogs ate table scraps and countless other things. What do dogs in the wild eat... That's right, whatever they can find.

Here's what my vet told me... Peanuts (raw, unsalted), peanut butter, cooked eggs, avocado, mango, blueberries, rice, yogurt, oatmeal are ALL acceptable foods for dogs. And raw meat is good for them. Obviously if you purchased the food for yourself, you shouldn't worry about feeding them the trimmings.

If all of this were true on that website... why then is there a food called Avoderm - made from Avocados? Blue Buffalo uses many of these same ingredients (blueberries, apples, rice). Moderation is key to everything.

Avoid tomatoes, onions, most all nuts (except peanuts), grapes/raisins, cocoa/chocolate, peppers or any spices like nutmeg, cloves, etc.


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