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thank you so much for the message. What a lot of information you provided. I think I am going to take Delphia to the one holistic vet in town. The lactulose isn't working. Though this will make my ulcer worse as I don't know who to 'rob', Peter or Paul;-) Delphia deserves to be taken care of and not put to death. i agree with you that death is the solution for a lot of our 'babies', especially if poor. I read online that most vets will work with a client about repaying the bill.....really? I'd like to know where they live;-) thank you so much for all the infor and the HUG. I can really use one or more. Will do more research tomorrow as I am having severe lower back problems that are affecting my legs, to my ankles. I know what it is and I need to fix it. My ability to walk is being affected and I don't need to fall as I've had thoracic surgery and after about five falls the contraptions they inserted are crushing my spinal cord. I don't need any of this to get worse. I have responsibilities for seven furry kids;-)
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