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Unhappy Dachshund in pain and will not go up or down steps

My 7 year old dachshund girl was fine yesterday, running and playing. Last night after I pottied her for the last time she came to the top of the dog stairs where there's about a 4 inch jump to get on the bed and started staring at me. I helped her on the bed and that was the end of it. This morning she wouldn't jump off the bed so I went to her and rolled her on her side to live on her and she whined. Now I am having to put her on and off the bed but she still whines. When we go outside she ace like she doesn't wanna go up the sidewalk step cause its gonna hurt. She is eating fine and pottying fine. When she finally lays down she doesn't move around like she usually does. You can tell she wants to move around to get comfy but she seems afraid to cause of the pain. Is it possible she could have pulled something playing? I know she needs to go to the get but I'm trying to avoid that if its something that will heal.
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