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Thanks for the input. I'll continue my research for proper conditioning...

Longblades, true, dogs aren't machines.

Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
My dog is a Lab. I think you might search out some hound clubs for your beagle/coonhound. Recall is notoriously hard to teach with the hound breeds, it's just not what they were bred for. They were bred to follow their noses and it's hard to subvert years of honed genetics.
Funny enough, the hound has the best recall of the two! We REALLY struggled with it at the beginning - her nose can get magnetized to the ground. (Both dogs are adopted, the hound adopted first). But after a year or so of sticking with it, it really clicked for her! (LOVE to see her race back at the sound of the whistle).

It's the lab retriever that's worrying me the most right now. Silly me, I thought that by going with a retriever, we could bypass some of the recall training difficulties we had with the hound. (I should note that as he's adopted too, we're really just giving our best guess as to breeding)... Seems like he has a strong hunting instinct. When I get a collar, it will be to start with him.
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