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Recall Training with an Electronic Collar

Hi All,

I have two dogs; a beagle/coonhound and a small dudley lab. Since we love off-leash, outdoor hikes and runs, training the recall is very important to me. I've tried everything (different treats, incl bacon, long ropes, commercial whistles, games, etc). I can proudly say that both dogs are well trained in basic obedience. AND they have an excellent 'racing-back-full-speed' recall -- about 75% to 90% of the time.

So far, my most useful training techniques for the recall have involved no physical aids - just good treats, timing, positive reinforcement and the loud whistle that I can make with my hands/mouth. However, after a recent incident with the lab and a porcupine, I realize that 75%-90% isn't good enough. I want 100%. SO I've decided to introduce the e-collar to recall training.

My question: what's the best method of recall training with the e-collar? Do you stimulate before your command, during, or only if your command is ignored? I've searched YouTube (usually helpful with dog training ideas), but I haven't found any solid techniques with e-collars. I have yet to buy the collar, which I assume will come with some kind of training suggestions. But I wanted to do my research before purchasing. If anyone has experience with this I'd love to hear about it. Please let me know!

Note: PLEASE, no discussions on the ethics of electric collars. If you wish to comment for or against the use of electric collars, please start another thread. My questions is on training with e-collars, NOT whether or not they're humane.
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