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I learnt something new about Jarrah this morning. I left my hubby in charge of the dogs while I went to water the front garden, he was supposed to keep an eye out for snakes seeing it is a hot day. When I returned here is Jarrah walking around with something in her mouth but luckily it was a blue tongue lizard about 5 or 6 inches long, and thank heaven, it was alive. I just hope I don't come back next time to find her carrying a snake! I gave the lizard a quick 'sloosh' through the bird bath to get her saliva off it, then released it into my Iceberg rose bed area, where she can't get to it. When I looked again it was gone into hiding, so that's a good sign. Evidently she has a soft mouth. As for hubby he said he didn't know she had it because he couldn't see her....and that's what he calls supervising the dogs.
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