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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Hazel, I was reading an article in Readers Digest about a fellow who was feeding the birds over winter and never had any birds coming to the feeders. He even went so far as to plant new bushes and tree's one summer so they would come. Nothing! He knew their neighbours had birds, but him, nothing! Then one day, suddenly out of the blue, he had pheasants, blue jays, etc. and he was so excited. They came daily for weeks then suddenly stopped showing up again. Then his wife says, oh the Jones' (or whoever) down the road are back from holidays! Turns out since the neighbours were away nobody was feeding the birds over there so they came to his house, once the original folks were back and the buffet was open again they left him high and dry. It was too funny, and made me think of you!

By the way I love the loon. When we used to camp we'd hear them all the time, it's such a primal sound. Sometimes at home we hear the coyotes at night around our place, I love that.
I was told coyotes are mating right now, I wonder if that coyote that came up to Marty was trying to see if he was able to mate as she was sniffing his near end. I am pretty it was a female as it was small . I love the sound of loons , it is a real treat when I am able to hear a bird call.
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