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To TPLO or Not to TPLO

Arrrgggg!!!! Zoey seems to have ruptured her CCL and the vet recommends TPLO surgery asap. The surgeon she recommends at DMV chages $3500!

I of course came home and started Googling and found many many reviews indicating that this surgery is not all the vets/surgeons claim it is. The best number is 10.6 % success rate. That 's not very good.

They indicate that extreme activity limiting will eventually have the same effect as the surgery. regular vet is on mat leave. I trust her 100% Been my vet since I got Ginger in 2001. I don't really trust this vet. Don't know what to do.

Any input/advice/suggestions????? Don't want Zoey to suffer but don't want to make her suffer for nothing either.

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