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Originally Posted by milliesmom View Post
My pitbull has gotten on her belly a few scab looking red spots over the past two days. It started with maybe 3 or 4 (which I thought she may be chaffing) but looked this morning and it has almost doubled. The spots don't bother her and she is not in pain. They seem to look like dry blood but I cannot wipe them off.

HELP! Because of the holiday weekend our vet is closed until Tuesday.:d og:
Has your dog been in the water recently ? I know of dog that got a rash on his belly after swimming in a pond. Poor doggy, it looks painful . I wonder if a baking soda paste would help until you can get to the vet? Can you call a Vet ER hospital and ask them what you can do ?

I just found this web site for a pets emergency in your state.
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