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Re: CyberKitten, I dont know how old you are, but I guess ive picked that saying up from todays youth culture. and im sorry if you found it offensive but I think you were a little off the mark with how you interpreted it. the saying "borderline retarded' is used rather like the saying "phat" with a PH. its not supposed to be insultive to people who are mentally challenged as the word retarded is not even used in that context anymore. It was meant to emphasise how stupid these people really are. Its a little like the word dumb was once thought of as insulting. Or how they keep changing the definition of how we address African americans, is it african americans or is it blacks now??

What does my age have to do with this? I am sorry but that in itself is somewhat insulting. Are you suggesting I don't get it because I am over the hill, lol I doubt chronological age has anything to do with how someone thinks. Kindness, sensitivity to the needs of others and awareness of what is hurtful and what it not AND treating people with respect knows no age restriction.

I interact with people of all ages - my university students and my younger patients (though some can be 19) and I hardly think "borderline retarded" is in any way comprable to the use of ph - which I myself utilize at times. It may not supposed to be insulting but it most definitely is. It just boggles my mind that we struggle for years to change offensive terminology and some people continue to use it. I know many people with intellectual chllenges - I used the one person as an example - and would urge you to use less discriminatory language in the future. This is a public forum where one expects proper behaviour and respect. And I do not concur that showing disrespect is something seen as kewl by certain generations, if that is what you are implying.

I like to think we have progressed as a society but the kind of comment you made shows that either you lack knowledge about that issue - in which case you have time to learn if you are young - or that you approve of such language which I hope is incorrect.

I know some people see it as just being pc but how we refer to others, especially those some would relegate to life's margins, is very important. How we relate to others and the words we use - is indicitive of our background, education and ability to show respect for others. One of the Board members of the association I serve on refuses even to use the term "special needs" students because he belives it is derogatory. I think he is a little too pc but I do not utilize the term to respect his wishes.

I did not mean to hijack the thread over this term but as an active campaigner for human rights (which is why I serve with Doctors without Borders), I was loathe to not comment on that sad and outdated term.
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