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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
So, what did you do for Whisper, Longblades? This is all new to me, how do you get the snowballs off?
I think it's wonderful that Chum is looked after so well. I have boots for the opposite, such hot ground in Summer that I've watched one sheltie lifting one foot at a time to cool it, like a certain type of lizard does in the desert. We also keep a gazebo up so they have some shade, or shelter if it rains. But snow and ice is a mystery to me, I'm constantly learning new stuff off all of you.
I was usually cross country skiing so I used the tips of my ski poles to break them up. With the big, huge snowball (that only happened once) she could barely move so there was no danger of me stabbing dog (mostly white) instead of snow. But she didn't like me to break up or pull off the snow on her feet. She'd go on like I was trying to kill her yet when she tore off snowballs herself she'd rip out hunks of fur and even skin. We'd proceed, leaving little bloody specks behind. Trimming the fur between her pads helped prevent it but she had feathers, I wasn't going to cut all her hair off.
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