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Originally Posted by Machodin View Post
In searching for some kind of answers to this awful news I got today about my dog of 16 years ashes being lost, I came across your post. I'm devastated as I am sure you understand. I'm not sure how they could do this after we were very specific about our wishes for her to be cremated alone, and paid for a special urn. They told me she was mixed up with other animals and cremated in a group and there was no definitive answer as to where she went after that. I feel like my family member of 16 years was discarded like trash. Now. I'm robbed of the closure I would have gotten from spreading her ashes in her favorite river and the memory of the end of her life is forever tainted by this. I wish so badly I could take this nightmare back and burried her in my yard or somewhere I could memorialize her, but now I have nothing. She was my best friend and I feel like I failed her by turning her over to people who treated her like garbage. I think I will bear this scar the rest of my life. It's so violating at the core, and so unbearably painful.
I really feel your pain. I know you might not of being thinking about the cost of the special urn cost and of having your beloved dog cremated along , but I would asked for the money back . I had my dog cremated along and is cost a lot more. This may sound strange , would it help to made some copies of your dog and burn them to bring the ashes to her favorite river? I know it not the same but some people believes their spirits get stuck in photos and will not have their pictures taken. This is so sad, I have tears in my eyes.
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