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Originally Posted by Marycv View Post
He was at the vet recently, but there were no issues. The problem CoCo doesn't know he did something wrong, he's clueless. This the first time we have a bog that is so hard to train or deal with. My dad can't stand him. He believes CoCo has mental problems, I believe he's just too hyper. Many of the trainers are either expensive or not good, does anyone have suggestions how to deal with him on my own. Not only running out the door, going after people, but not be so anxious.

I have a question though. When he was little my mom would always take him to our neighbour. Now when he sees her, he cries and gets very excited. A few times he ran out the door to go to her, which my mom is unable to handle him. As soon as someone is at the door or ring the doorbell, he runs to the door. We try to step in his way, but sometimes he's just too fast. I believe it started from what. Do you think that could be the cause for his behaviour issues?
Your vet did not find anything wrong with CoCo, so he does NOT have a mental problems, poodles are very intelligence dogs and need to have a job. CoCo would made a great hearing dog ,my hearing dog was a Standard Poodle and he was trained to go to the door or phone then back to me to let me know the phone was ringing or someone was at the door. You could train CoCo to do this and I bet it would not take very long for him to get it. Your dog is bored out of his mind , he does not have a mental issue. My hearing dog taught himself how to catch a ball with his front paws , he thought using his mouth was boring . You need to train your dog to sit and stay , trying to step in front of him could cost your dog his life if he run out
in front of a car. Your dog does not have behavior issues, your dog has poor training and I hate to see the poor dog get labeled 'crazy' because he has no training. Intelligence dogs are not for everyone.
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