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Farm training a 2 year old female, border collie cross

Hi everyone.
My partner has 2 dogs, they are a one year old female staffy, and a 2 year old female border collie cross.
i am wanting to train the border collie to do farm work (getting cows in etc) with me, obviously for a start i am just re-teaching her basic, such as 'sit' and 'fetch'.

the problem is, in the middle of training sessions, she gets very hypo and jumps up, just coz i guess she wants to play. i kind of need a way to instantly calm her down. i dont want to shout, coz i do want her to listen to me out on the farm.

obviously i am not the main owner of the dogs, and they will listen to my partner more than me, as they are HIS dogs, way before i met him. but i also need her to know i am boss aswell, such as out on the farm..

help, anyone please?
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