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Originally Posted by tweetzer View Post
Thanks - Their tests last Spring showed no other abnormal levels and urinalysis was negative. The tests ran over $200 each - which really set us back...
But things might have changed since then. I'm concerned about how the untreated hyperT is affecting the cats' organs and consequently, their appetites. I'm not sure it's so much an issue of having to find the right food for them, but more about helping them feel better. What dose of methimazole were the cats first prescribed? Was a lower dose tried? Vets often start with way too high a dose and that might have been the case here as well.

Originally Posted by tweetzer View Post
The vet told me carbimazole was 'the same as methimazole'.
They're not exactly the same. Slightly different method of action. Would possibly be worth trying, or at least talking to another vet about, preferably one with more experience treating hyperT.

All the best to you and your kitties. Here's some more info that might be helpful:
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