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I had a poodle in the 1980's that had epilepsy. His first seizure occurred at two years of age and terrified me. The seizures usually followed periods of excitement, such as when we would come home with a doggy bag. His seizures would involve shaking and losing control of his limbs. He would seem conscious but unresponsive. I would hold him and walk around talking to him. He seemed to hear me and he would seem to take interest in where we were walking. Then his body would begin to relax and he would drool profusely. I learned to pick up a towel to carry with him. I learned that the calmer I stayed, the milder his seizure would be. Eventually, the seizures became very infrequent. We were able to discontinue the meds (I'm sorry, I can't remember what the meds were). He lived to be 18 years old and was healthy. I think that the point I'm making is that my fears made the seizures worse and my calmness seemed to make him better. He was conscious and relaxed when I stayed calm. Work with your vet to rule out causes. If it's epilepsy, it can be managed.
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