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Unhappy Dog Seizure. Help???

I have never posted in a forum before but I am hoping that this community can help me with knowledge and/or experience.

My almost 3 year old Husky, Mia (45 lbs), had a seizure this morning. Her entire body was violently convulsing as she "paddled" and her eyes were buldging and dialated. It was about two minutes total....and in that time I thought she was dying. It was the scariest thing of my life.
When it seemed like it was subsiding, she was still shaking (just no longer convulsing), I picked her up (still in my sleepwear) and got her in the car, and rushed to our vet. By the time we got to the vet she seemed almost her regular self again...if I hadn't been there to see it, I might not have known it had even happened!!

He took bloodwork and gave me five days worth of an oral medication that I am only to give her if this happens again soon and it's over the holiday weekend where we can't go back in.

I need help understanding what is happening to my baby girl. I keep replaying the image of her and crying.
What scares me is that I have to work (I took the day off immediately when this happened) tomorrow and through the week... and I am scared she will have another one and I won't know. Someone has suggested to me to try to find a video recorder to record her while I am at work, then I can look back at it and see if it's occurred again.

My vet said it's possible, as he's seen, for a dog to have one grandmal seizure and then it not happen ever again. However the more I read on here, it seems like for everyone once it begins, it continues and becomes more frequent.

Please help with anything you can offer to me. I am terrified. My dog is my child, as I'm sure you all understand...and I don't know what I can do to protect her!

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