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Originally Posted by vwanchoo View Post
Hi. I am recent member of the forum and I need some help with a nose bleed issue that I am facing with my one-year old dog, Baloo. I live in a remote Himalayan region near Bhutan and Tibet borders and have no access to vets or x-ray/cat-scan facilities. I only have a friend who is a vet in another part of India who advised me on some medication for my pet.

He started with a severe cold and lots of mucus discharge 4 days ago and I initially gave him Nimosulide and Paracetamol tablets (twice daily) along with Pet Calcium supplement. I also applied some Vicks Vaporub on his nose bridge to help him breathe easier.

When that did not help any, I contacted my vet friend yesterday and she told me to start him on amoxycillin (250 mg twice daily) and allegra (once daily), along with some Benadryl (2-3 times daily). I started him on this course yesterday and in a day his cold improved. With mucus discharge, he had had some blood oozing out as well but since yesterday evening his mucus discharge stopped and he looked better, but his bloody discharge never stopped. All his sleeping area had blood marks on it and his paws too. I continued his amoxycillin and Benadryl dosages in the morning, but also called my vet friend again and she said to locally apply some Adrenaline IV 250 mg into the nostrils. I did the same and that did not help any. In fact the discharge seemed to increase. This afternoon after speaking to her again, she changed some dosage and asked me to give him some erythromycin and another pouring of Adrenaline IV 250 mg into the nostrils. Initially, none of it helped except keeping his head up. But the moment it lowers, the blood pours out.

The other big issue is that he is not eating at all. I force feed him some milk twice a day, but all this blood loss is making him very weak. He can hardly walk today. I am getting some chicken to make some stock and feed him.

Given the lack of vet support here, I started researching on the net and found a post that said to apply some cold compress in the nostril area to help stop the bleed. That seems to help some, but not completely. Now I am also scared about all the possible causes of nose bleed that I have read online.

Sorry for this long message, but given my remote location, I only have words to tell everything. I have also taken some photos of his nostrils that I am attaching here. Any advice you can give me would be deeply appreciated.

With deep gratitude,


I am sorry to hear about the problems that you and Baloo are having. Based upon the signs that you are describing and the pictures, I feel that the Amoxicillin is unlikely to solve this situation by itself. (sometimes the secondary bacterial infections that are commonly present with show slight improvement with this medication). In the pictures it appears that the discharge is just on the right side which could be supportive of a foreign body (plant material, etc) but this would be unusual have such generalized and serious signs such as not eating. This is common in younger pets. If the discharge is only on one side, we do see nasal tumors which could have the clinical signs you are describing but due to the age of Baloo, this would be less likely.

With Baloo not feeling well (weakness and lack of eating), I would be concerned that perhaps we have a problem elsewhere. I would want to rule out that either a primary blood clotting disease or liver disease was not present. Additionally, does airborne fungal disease exist where you live? I worked in Arizona for many years and coccidiomycosis was a common disorder that could cause these symptoms. This disorder can be addressed well with proper medication but many placed in the world do not have this disorder.

Regardless, this appears serious and blood testing is imperative. Red blood cell count, white blood cell count, clotting ability and liver enzymes are needed. The signs you describe are serious and unfortunately the differentials that come to my mind (infection (fungal, tick borne/protozoal, bacterial), liver disease, toxin/poison, foreign body or mass) all have very different methods of treatment. I am not sure that there are other medications that can "just be tried" at this time.

I hope that this helps and wish you and Baloo the very best. If I can be of further assistance, please private message me as well as post. My current job allows less time for me to be on these boards - although I very much miss everyone here. Great group of animal lovers.

Best wishes.
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